People’s Choice Awards Recap

In case you did not watch, last night was the People’s Choice Awards. Even though Rihanna was not at the award show,( she was across the street at the exciting Clippers/Heat game), she won the award for “Favorite R&B Artist”. The show hosted by Kaley Cuoco(The Big Bang Theory) saw big winners such as Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, and Emma Stone. The Harry Potter franchise took home four awards, which is only second to five taken home by Katy Perry. The big surprise, for me would be the fact that Chloe Moretz(Let Me In) beat out the four principle actors of the Harry Potter movie franchise for favorite actor under 25. She has a ton of potential and carries herself in ways many young females her age do not. Congratulations to all the winners and the remainder of the nominees.

Some of the winners from last night were:

Kim Kardashian-Favorite TV Celebreality Star

BridesMaids-Favorite Movie

2 Broke Girls-Favorite New TV Comedy

Demi Lovato-Favorite Pop Artist

Taylor Swift-Favorite Country Artist

Pretty Little Liars-Favorite Cable TV Drama

Check out more official winners from last night’s show.

NFL Playoffs In Full Effect

The NFL’s Wildcard weekend has come and gone but it was full of excitement. The Houston Texans in their first playoff game ever outscored their opponents by 21 points. The Saints outmatched the Detroit Lions in a high scoring game. The Giants only allowed the Falcons to score on a safety, and we also had the Denver Broncos shock the Pittsburgh Steelers in Overtime. Overall, I very much enjoyed Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos game this weekend as well as the clinic that the Giants put on against the Falcons. What will be in store this weekend?English: Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Bro...

The Schedule for the Divisional Round is as follows:

Texans @ Ravens Sun 1:00pm

Broncos @ Patriots Sat 8:00pm

Saints  @ 49ers Sat 4:30pm

Giants @ Packers Sun 4:30pm


Interview w/ Caite Upton

Happy New Years! Where were you when 2012 rung in?

In the North Beach district of San Francisco watching a live reggae performance band LIVING it up!   Had a great time.  Excited about 2012.

Many people have been introduced to you via the show “ridiculousness”. How did you go about guest starring on the show?

I actually auditioned for a couple of things at MTV and they asked me to be on the show after that.  Worked out pretty nicely.  I still stay in touch with Rob and everyone from that show and they are cool people so maybe someday in the future I’ll have the opportunity to work with them again on something.  We’ll see!

What are your New Years resolutions. If any?

To 100% dedicate myself to my career and being physically and mentally healthy.  Sometimes the industry can get a little intense and you can get so busy worrying about making things happen that you don’t take as good care of yourself as you should.  Career is first for me now but I want to make sure that I’m healthy and happy as can be in the new year, as well.

You are a southern gal, what was life like for you while growing up?

I was privileged growing up in the small beautiful town of Lexington, SC, right off the lake. I am an athlete so I played sports year around and on my down time would wakeboard or head up the mountain to snowboard. My family taught me how to always stay humble and genuine and to never undermine people. They raised me to learn how to do things on my own at a young age like taxes, cooking, paying for my car, etc.  I work for everything. I am very thankful for my parents and upbringing. 

Your exposure from your pageant days has opened many doors for you, what other type of projects do you hope to take part in in the future?

I just came from an appearance for Dodge Ram, which was a cool opportunity and my first job of the new year so far. I’m currently on hold for a big commercial campaign (for a brand I can’t name just yet) that would send me to Korea to shoot!  Got my fingers crossed there.  I have a feeling 2012 will be a great year. Hopefully a lot more tv/film and modeling work.  I’ve been going out on a lot of acting and hosting auditions lately and in class prepping. I’m grateful for my manager and all the hard work he puts in to help me with things.  He has a production company too (Media Meld Studios) so we have some projects in the works that are being produced and pitched.  One of them is my web series called “Learning Stuff w/ Caite Upton” where I humorously educate myself on important topics and current events.  Its a lot of fun to shoot and really funny stuff!

Let’s get to know a bit about Caite Upton. What is your favorite movie of all-time?

Of all time would have to be Lord Of The Rings 1,2,3. The reason for this is not too many people know I’m an artist: drawing and computer artist. I studied in college Visual Effect design for movies and TV. The Lord Of The Rings was my over all inspection the moment I found my God given talent. So I wanted to take full advantage and show people another side of me.  And for TV my favorite channel is SyFy.  Love all the shows on there and would love to work with them someday.

What are some of the songs on your music play list?

Out of all music, I love reggae, alternative, & soft rock the most. My favorite song is Sail by Awolination. Other favorite artists are Citizen Cope, Damian Marley, and DJ Harry. 

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A women who has reached her ultimate success in her career and in life in general. To hopefully be a role model for people, all ages, all success levels. I want to be a role model for people trying to overcome obstacles and tough situations.  I’ve fought through a lot of negativity and I feel like many people can relate to me and turn their negative situations positive, like I did.  Hopefully one day I can write a book about it all.

What would you like to say to all of your followers, and potential future fans out there?

Thank you everyone who believed in me and also thank you to everyone who never did because its my motivation that made me who I am. All those who fought for me and against pushed me harder and made me determined and driven. I plan on having a long successful career and happy life.  I’m not going anywhere.  Hopefully you can all come for the ride with me!

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Mid-Season Premiere of ABC Family Dramas

Pretty Little Liars (season 2)

Fans of the series “The Lying Game” and “Pretty Little Liars” should be jumping in joy tonight with the mid season premieres of these series respectively. Starting at 8pm est tonight is the season 1.5 premier of “The Lying Game” followed of course by the season 2.5 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” at 9pm est. No matter which show you are a fan of, both are set to be filled with the storytelling and intense drama that have garnered both of these t.v. shows much success. So make sure you tune in to ABC Family, set your DVR, and be prepared for a great night filled with mystery and drama.

Interview w/ Carla Facciolo

You know her from one of Vh1’s hit reality t.v. shows “MobWives”. That’s right, I recently had the chance to talk to Carla Facciolo about her battles with Renee, not going through with her alleged divorce, and what she hopes for the new year. When the question arose about Carla not going through with the divorce, she talked about all of the unnecessary work they would have to go through just to show that she and Joseph weren’t ‘together” again. Carla also talked about how difficult it was to communicate with Joseph about the situation while he was behind bars due to time limits and constraints.

Did you do anything for the holidays?

“Nothing special, same for holidays, when the family comes over. Fish night for Christmas Eve. Nothing different.”

What was it like growing up?

“A good childhood with my family. It wasn’t like I was in the mix of anything crazy. I wasn’t involved in anything that went on with the mob.” I didn’t know anything that went on, maybe my uncle but not me.”

What do you say to those who say that you are violating the mafia code by doing a reality t.v. show?

“I think they’re crazy because I do not speak of anything really with the mafia. Everybody on the show speaks about what goes on in their life.  I speak about my life.”

Was there anything about season 1 of Mob Wives that made you think twice about doing a reality t.v. show?

“I have my little group of friends who know my business. I’m pretty quiet.”  Im not one to go and put my business out all over. No one didn’t know too much about me. That made think “I don’t know if I should do this”.

I’m glad you did this, haha I really enjoy the show.

“It’s really a reality show because these things are really happening.  These are things that go on in our lives. When husbands go away and you are left home being a single mother, this is what really happens.”

Was is it about Renee that gets under your skin?

“That mouth of hers” She thinks that if she screams louder that makes her tougher. I just don’t like to constantly scream and yelling.”

Season 2 will see introduction of two new cast members, Big Ang and Ramona. Did you have any previous ties to them and how do you feel about two new cast members being added?

“Originally I come from Brooklyn. I’ve known Big Ang for years. Big Ang is from Brooklyn. Ramona I did not know before the show. Big Ang has a big heart. She is a realy nice person.  She doesn’t like all of the drama. The other one is sort of like a troublemaker. You’ll see on the show.”

Now that the family is back together, is everything good?

“He’s home now but we’re still not a family. We’ll go see a movie together with the kids but we’re not together like that, like husband and wife and wife again.”

How do your kids feel about being on screen?

Sometimes they don’t want to film. You know what they do like?  They like to see themselves on tv once in awhile.”

Why do you think men watch the show?

“Men watch the show, especially men who have been through this with their wives. I think the show hits them at home.”

Will season 2 show more of the business side of these women or will it just be all drama?

“Well, I mean I can not deal with the drama. When women gets together there is always something. There are a lot of business adventures. Everything with Renee is drama drama drama.. There is something always going on around Renee.”

Do you ever come into contact with people who watch the show, including haters of the show?

“People that I meet loved the show. I haven’t came into contact with any people who hate the show.”

Do you think that your show depicts a more realistic lifestyle as opposed to other shows, such as the Housewives series?

“I think my show is definitely the realest reality show. I feel like our show is real because these are real things going on in our lives. People think that we make things up.”

What do you have to say to your fans who have seen your squabbles with Renee and wonder what is really going on between you?

“If you hung out with Renee, you’re going to see what kind of girl she is. I’ve known her for a long time. I like Renee but she can get under your skin. She can push you to a point where you can explode.”

Any New Years resolutions?

“I was thinking about that. It’s all about making sure that my kids are happy in life. To do something to make something out of my life and to get away from all that catty drama.”

The Voice vs American Idol(Guest Post)

The Voice or American Idol?  

It’s no secret that American Idol has been going strong for quite a while now. With the show now in its 10th season it has already made many singers famous. No show has ever come close to American Idol. At least not until the The Voice came along. Mark Burnett’s new show on NBC is giving Idol some stiff competition. In a way, it’s much too early to hand out the final verdict. After all, The Voice had finished only 1 season. Idol is 9 seasons ahead of it. Still the public is already asking, is The Voice better that Idol? Let’s look at some factors.

Chance to succeed.

When it comes to giving out chances, Idol is the clear winner in this category. After all it goes all over America giving anyone who would like to try the chance to audition. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone. I’ve heard the worst singers in history in Idol auditions. On the upside that’s part of the shows charm. You can really have a good laugh listening to people who are tone deaf trying to sing. On the other hand, The Voice, has already preselected the “best” singers in the world to be one of the 16 contestants for the show. Yes, most of them are good. But the question is, are they really the best? Where did they get these singers?


The basic concept of Idol is to select the best singer in America based on the audition results, the judge’s comments and the people’s votes. The focus is more on the entire package: voice, appearance and stage presence. In comparison, The Voice focuses more on the vocals of each contestant – at least during the preliminary stage. During the first part, the judges all have their backs to the stage. If they like what they hear they press the red button and their chair turns. This will give them the chance to take that particular singer in as part of their team. The Voice has added a unique twist to the whole selection process. In terms of concept, The Voice takes this round.


Idol has a power house cast of judges: Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. But then The Voice also has Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Blake Shelton – huge stars in their own right. In this round, it’s a tie for me.

Audience Connection.

One thing that Idol has done right is that it reveals a bit about each contestant. This gives the viewers something to care about. It connects them to each contestant on a more emotional level. The Voice, on the other, rushes right on to the competition.

All in all, it’s too early to tell whether The Voice is better than Idol. But so far, NBC’s new show seems to be on the progress of catching up to Idol.

“Amy C. is an interior decoration aficionado and online marketer.  Aside from being an avid reader, she also likes testing and trying new home and office decorating themes.  In addition to being an interior decoration hobbyist, she enjoys designing