Interview w/ J.Dash

J. Dash is a piano prodigy who performed his first concert at age 5. By the time he was 8 years old, this classically trained pianist loved to play Mozart for his family and friends. Throughout his teens, however, he cut his teeth playing in various blues and jazz bands. A rapper, songwriter, producer, mixer, & multi-instrumentalist, this Renaissance man also holds a degree in computer science from the University of Florida.

 How did you get the name J-Dash?

The name was given to me by another producer/artist because when I was 14, before I knew anything about music, he brought me into his studio as a fly on the wall. He left for a minute and I asked if I could play around with the equipment, then ended up making four beats in a ridiculously short time so he started calling me J. Dash.

When did you start getting into music?

I was always into it but around 14 I realized I could do it as a profession.

As you were growing up, were there any artists/albums that inspired you?

Absolutely. Definitely Dr. John, BB King, Eric Clapton, Timbaland, 2Pac, Mos Def, Talib Kweli. That would probably be the core of my early inspiration.

The name of your album is somewhat of a contradiction which is interesting. People normally do not find the truth in tabloids. What gravitated you to picking “Tabloid Truth” as the name of your album?

I was actually reading a tabloid when I came up with the name. The concept came from how you can get drawn into tabloids just by the cover, the surface. In the same way, my first single WOP was a dance record but didn’t have as much depth and I wanted to make sure that people knew there was more to me. We have hot stuff in here that will attract you but there’s also some meat, not just the dessert.

Your album is a collection of different styles both lyrically and musically. What is the concept of your album?

A journey through life in musical form.

What is your favorite song on your album?

The title track because it’s the realist track I’ve ever written. “Life” because it’s the most artistic track I’ve ever done and “WOP” because that song changed my life.

Your single “WOP” has garnered millions of hits on youtube and this is not even including your how to video for the dance which also has millions of views. How did the song and dance come together?

Actually the WOP was a dance before it was a song or the thought of even being a song. My friends and I used to do it in the club and after a while my friend told me I had to make a song that went with the dance. Next thing I knew we had a hit!

How did you feel about getting those views and all of the videos that followed with people doing different versions of the dance?

The video responses actually preceded my official music video. The original video was my dancers and that’s what started up the responses. The viral nature of the song/dance is what really propelled it so it feels great that people really caught on to the true, fun concept of the dance! 

Something we do not hear often from artists who dabble in hip hop is education yet you went to college. Can you talk a little about what college in regard to your major and what it has done for you as a person and artist?

Honestly college, if nothing else, gave me time to mature. My degree is in computer science and people wonder how that helps me but I was in an engineering school where you learn how stuff works so I developed a passion for how things work. When I first entered the music business I wanted to know how EVERYTHING worked and that’s how I approach everything these days. In college I learned how to learn and developed myself. It was so easy to grow and learn, so I doubt I’d be the artist I am today had I not gone to school.

I know your album just recently dropped this year, but what do you hope is next for you?

More success! My success thus far just motivates me to reach a higher and higher level. I want more people to hear my music and I’m excited about visiting new and different places. I’m always striving to do something better and bigger.

Are there any artists out there today that you’d hope to collab with in the future?

Absolutely. To name a few: Cee-Lo Green, Timbaland , Lil Wayne, Dr. John. BB King…I’m sure there are countless more!

I want to thank you for your time, is there anything you want to shout out to your fans, supporters, and the readers who will be introduced to you through this interview?

Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all at therealjdash to get a more in depth view of who I am and I’m looking forward to meeting you all. 


J.Dash’s Official Website

J.Dash’s Twitter

J.Dash’s Facebook


Interview w/ International Gem

How are you today?

everything good, headed to get a fresh line for the felines

Definitely have to stay looking presentable. You are from New York, what was the upbringing like?

my upbringing was young parents (the struggle), during the crack era, public housing drama etc. a common story from the 80’s to the 90’s

Interesting. Now I dont want to take up much of your time. So Who inspired you to become an artist?

I always been into music, I started writing as a way venting and soon became my way of expressing myself

Who were some of your fav artists that you looked up to?

I wouldn’t say looked up to but the theme music for the early chapters were Nas, Kool G Rap, the Wu, MOP, Death Row

You mentioned that you started writing as a way to vent. When did you start writing?

started writing at 14 started taking it serious around 16

Where did the name international gem come from?

originally stemmed from Gem Star then a bunch of sucks ran with the name. Through International on left Gem to let them know where I’m headed.

What do you like and dislike about the rap game today?

it seem like the less talented the more shine but I respect the hustle and the level of creativity being shown right now

What do you feel like you could bring to the game?

As of 2012 I’m making music for me. I’ve said I want to help bring NY back but truth is it never left. my creativity and struggles I express are beyond the states line

What projects are you working on?

right now I’m working on my EP, reaching out to alot of producers coming up. I want this project to be me as a whole, love & war

Whats the process for you like when it comes to writing and working on an EP?

I write whenever my mood shifts. You can’t force emotion. I may be writing 5 different songs in the course of a day. if it was real when you wrote it, the feel will remain authentic to the listeners.

What are your ultimate goals?

my goal is to be in the credits. Fame only last for so long, history is what I want to be apart of.

Whats this Greenleaf Multimedia I hear about?

Green Leaf Multimedia was started some friends and I. A way for those around my way to be seen and heard. started in 09 and we’ve been growing. I’m also the editor for the company view our work

I definitely like the idea. I was able to check out the one titled “Food” sampling the “Scarface theme”.

yeah. That was some work we did for an upcoming artist as well, creative dude s/o to Octane

You should definitely keep up the side projects along with your music. Versatility is unique.

definitely is. I also producer as well. Like I said I’m trying to be in the credits all across the board.

With at comes the end of this Twitterview. Any last words/shoutouts/pitches for my readers, people around the globe?

s/o to y’all for having me, @CeceVance @GreenLeafMM #KHM, the fans, GB an the struggle

Thanks for taking the time, good music, versatile, bright future, people need to be on the lookout.

I appreciate that #love

Interview w/ Maciel Cruz

I had the pleasure of Twitterviewing a fellow university student with a bright future.

How are you today?

Lol great hun… Just finished having brunch with the girls 🙂

Great! You’re from New York. Share with us a little about your upbringing.

Yep 🙂 Born in D.R .. Raised in Queens, NY. I love where I come from; & absolutely Love where I was raised.

What’s the best aspect about being from New York?

Theres a lot of aspects. I would have to say the opportunities that arise. Also,living in NY forces you to be independent.

Speaking of independent, you’re definitely doing your share. You’ve been in some videos. Talk a little about that.

Had the opportunity to be in a couple of videos; met different people. Great experience. A couple of projects coming up as well.

Outside of doing big things with music videos and photo shoots, what do you do in your free time?

I LOVE spending time with my family & friends. They are who keep me Sane. I also work & go to school. My schedule is crazy lol

What do you study in school and what do you hope to do once you get a degree?

Paralegal Studies… Hoping to get my Masters in English Studies… Write a book… Countless things. I love to be challenged.

How long have you been modeling?

About 2 1/2 years or so… Really got more involved the past year… A lot of opportunities have come up that I’m grateful for.

What drew you to modeling? How do you feel personally about yourself and your accomplishments?

Ppl gave always told me growing up I should get into it. Never really thought about it till I got to college 🙂 & I love it.

So far the experience is amazing; I’ve learned so much from the ppl I have worked with… Truly a blessing.

Who is someone you’d like to work with?

Shakira or Beyoncè!! Both Amazing performers!! 🙂

What’s the one thing you feel is your best feature?

My facial features lol people say I’m exotic looking. They compliment the personality as well. Personality is the most important

Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

I like to live in the moment. Haven’t thought that far ahead. Enjoying this moment to the fullest.

That was my final question, is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters/followers/ my readers? 

Thank everyone for their love & support!! ❤ & thank you for the interview 🙂

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best in your future. Good luck in school!

Thanks love!! XoXX likewise.

Check out more about Maci

Interview w/ Kandi Girlz

Introduce yourselves a bit

Hello thank’s for interviewing us we are the kandigirlz from st.louis a young Hiphop rap group

How many of you are in the group and what are your ages?

its only 2 girls in the group dollface16 and sade 15

When did you girls decide that you wanted to pursue music?

we decided to do music at a very young age we was raised around music everyone in our family does it

Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?

beyonce , tupac, and eminem

What inspires you girls to sit down and make music?

our life and watching. Other stars like beyonce music is a wonderful thing and we want to be apart of it

Have you girls ever been on stage or worked with any big time artists out there?

yes right now we working with brian angel from day 26 and we also had a audition with america got talent

Wow! How did the audition go? What did you perform for them?

it went well we will find out if we made it on the show at the end of feb we performed super bass

That’s good! What’s your latest project?

We are working on our 2nd Mixtape “Kandi Treat”

What producers do you work with?

Well we have an in house producer by the name of DJ Sno

What artists currently would you like to work with?

We would like to work with everyone from @elvisfReShley @MrAngel_day26 Lil Wayne, Drake, Beyonce

What’s the ultimate goal for you girls?

to be icons in the music industry

Who do you all seek out for advice if you need any?

Our Publicist @CeceVance and our Momanger

Ok almost done here! A little Wildcard questions. Favorite T.v Show? Country most want to visit?

family guy lol and paris

Ah yes the Griffin Family! What would you like to say to your fans who are tuning in or will read on Blended Entertainment?

keep your heads up and stay true fans

Thanks for taking the time to do this #twitterview. Wish you girls best of luck. The stage is yours.

and Thanks 4 having us

Interview w/ Done Wright

Brooklyn artist Done Wright took some time out of his schedule to talk his inspirations and plans for the future

How are you doing today?

Fa sho…I’m good thanks for asking, just putting some thoughts & plans together for my future.

You grew up in New York, how did your surroundings influence you?

Growing up in South Side Queens influenced to be aggressive in life and it also allowed me to appreciate the value of life.

What inspired you to pursue music?

Different things inspired me, my moms playing R&B, my pops playing Reggae + my big bro playing Hip Hop, it was all around me

Who were some artists that you enjoyed listening to growing up?

Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Nas, 2 Pac, Mobb Deep, Biggie just to name a few.

What kind of projects are you currently working on right now?

I’m working on my 2nd album “Supply Work, Demand Respect”, my next project is “A Beautiful Mind” mixtape which is already done.

What can we expect from this mixtape?

On the production side its all original beats. On content side (lyrics) it will give the listener more definition of who I am.

Currently, do you see any artists/producers today that you’d like to work with?

Absolutely. I would like to work with TI, Luda, Nas, Jay and OutKast. Producers, Dr Dre, Kanye & Havoc

You have an album out which people can get on itunes, you been featured on sites such as WSHH, what’s your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to build HardWork Entertainment to the level of Bad Boy, Cash Money or how Roc-A-Fella was & sign talent.

Is this the label you’re signed to or is this a label you are trying to get going?

Yes, this is the label I’m trying to get going, its set up as an LLC…I own it

Thats good to hear! What do you feel are the necessary qualities an artist should have to be signed to your label?

Have a great worth ethic, be extremely talented, and be humble.

How would you describe your style? your flow? Have you been compared to any artists?

“Style” witty, charismatic, & thought provoking..”flow” depends on the record…sometimes I’m layed back other times aggressive. In High School (Downtown Brooklyn) they used to call me Rakim…I have been compared to Nas & Cormega.

Before I take up more of your time, what are your top 5 fav tracks of all-time?

Ok cool… Nas “Take It In Blood”, Biggie “Respect”, Jay Z “Money, Cash, Hoes”, 2 Pac “Brenda Got A Baby”, 50 Cent “This Is 50”

With that comes the end of this Twitterview. Any last words/comments/shoutouts for your supporters and future listeners?

S/O to everybody that supports me. Shout out to ya’ll for bringing something different to the game!!!

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to do this Twitterview. Stay on your grind.

No prob…Fa sho!!!

Done Wright’s Youtube Page

Blended Entertainment Spotlight

One of the most important aspects about being successful in all of entertainment is staying in shape. Staying in shape is not just limited to athletes. Whether you are or am trying to be a box office star or a recording artist, staying in shape is necessary for perception, performance, and confidence. Behind these performers who understand the value of staying fit, there is someone who is or has inspired them. Today I want to take the opportunity to talk a bit about a personalized fitness company. Castro Fitness is an in-home personal fitness company offering private sessions to get you into great shape. For just a decent price, Castro Fitness’ trainers will come to you with all the equipment necessary to manage you to succeed. It doesn’t just end there, Castro Fitness will tailor workouts and diet plans personally to you. The clientele have included celebrities, athletes, business professionals, and even stay at home parents. The creator and founder of the company, Hamid Castro is qualified as a certified personal trainer as well as achieving a black belt in Karate. He was featured as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs of 2011. I value staying in shape and if you want to get the best quality, stay away from the gyms and get personal 1 on 1 treatment.

I had the pleasure interviewing the leader of Castro Fitness.

History? Experience, education and path to current position? High school and College athlete, Bachelors of Science in Business management from New York University. Currently President and Founder of Castro Fitness, Inc.

Origin of the business? Where did the business idea come from?I started as a personal trainer and enjoyed the results I was giving to my clients, I then wanted to have the workouts I developed used on other people and began to hire other trainers and train them under my wing to make sure they knew my work outs. Resources required? How much money did it require? How did the entrepreneur get the money? My father who was a successful Wall Street broker and taught me how to day trade, at the age of 17 I was able to generate $200k. I was always smart with my money and investing, I never wanted to blow a ton of money just because I had a good idea. I wanted to make sure it was done properly. The start up did not cost more then 10K dollars.

Customer: How did you get (or plan to get) the first few customers? It started as word of mouth in a high end gated community in New York. I then needed to hire more trainers because I could not train the amount of people who wanted to try this new workout everyone was talking about. I realized I can market some more by mailing list and targeting high end clientele. Every client knows someone or is in some type of interesting profession. I would offer a complimentary session and once they tried they were hooked on the workouts.
Hurdles?What were the biggest hurdles to date? How did you overcome them? Biggest hurdles was finishing college while managing a successful company. I think reaching out to people is tough and trying to get them to try it is always tough but once they do they are hooked and spread the worth and it eventually hits, Athletes, celebrities, business professionals to stay at home moms.
Future Goals? My future goals is to become a house hold name. I want my company to be known for it’s in home personal training and people understand the convenience of this industry. I want to take fitness to another area that most people are unable to tackle. 
Castro Fitness’ Official Website
Hamid Castro’s Twitter