The Kardashian Effect

Keeping up with the Kardashians return with its’ sixth season tonight at 10 pm eastern. You can expect more drama and a new addition to the show. That is Kim’s fiance Kris Humphries. This family is a cash cow for the E network which is why there are and will continue to be many more spin-offs. For those who love the Kardashian family, be prepared for another season of laughter, tears, fights, and of course the most important aspect is love. The questions remains still, how do you feel about the Kardashian family and their continuing dominance of the E network with their of reality series?



Kim and Kris Engaged

Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...

The next Mrs.Humphries

Kim Kardashian,who you may know from her famous family, their numerous t.v. shows, or some of her previous encounters in front of the camera, is engaged to NBA player Kris Humphries. Now for those who do not know, Kris plays for the New Jersey Nets and has been made more famous because of his relationship with Kim. It looks like Kim is finally ready to settle down with the 26 year old from Minnesota. Kris Humphries had career highs in every major statistical category this year and one is to believe that it was indeed the “Kardashian Effect”. Not much is known on the whereabouts and how the proposal went down exactly but it is known that there was a 20.5 carat engagement ring involved. We here at Blended Entertainment wish both Kris and Kim the best of luck and happiness. Now all we need is that special date of their wedding, and more space on the D.V.R because we already know that there will be a new show in the works.

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