The Kardashian Effect

Keeping up with the Kardashians return with its’ sixth season tonight at 10 pm eastern. You can expect more drama and a new addition to the show. That is Kim’s fiance Kris Humphries. This family is a cash cow for the E network which is why there are and will continue to be many more spin-offs. For those who love the Kardashian family, be prepared for another season of laughter, tears, fights, and of course the most important aspect is love. The questions remains still, how do you feel about the Kardashian family and their continuing dominance of the E network with their of reality series?



One thought on “The Kardashian Effect

  1. Unfortunately though with Comcast as the parent company for both E Network and NBC they’re going to have to raise the content level at NBC and that could imply more crap along the lines of this nauseating show and the other ties in such Khloe and Lamar and their piece of crap ! NBC has been losing tens of millions over the last five years and the programming content is so bad that it’d make one of those classic Japanese monster movies seem a work of art by comparison. Not only that but NBC Sports overpays for its Olympic coverage and they’re still of the belief that Notre Dame football still has ” appeal “ . The Fighting Irish haven’t done anything worthwhile in years . Jeff Zucker the former NBC Chief was overrated as an exec from the beginning , he rested on his laurels rather than doing something creative . Much like the whole US economy and government at present as they’ve simply lost sight of what made them great .

    tophatal ………


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