Mark Wahlberg To Get Diploma

Mark during filming of “Pain and Gain” also starring Dwayne Johnson

It may be hard to believe that Mark Wahlberg has not ever received a high school diploma with the success he has had as an actor and producer of hit t.v series. If you know about Mark’s past growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts then you are familiar with the trouble that he ran into.

This predates the movies, this also predates Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, though his run-ins with the law came after he was an original member of the boy-band New Kids On The Block. Wahlberg dropped out in the ninth grade but the 41 year old actor is making strides to finish his high school curriculum via the growing online high school programs in the state. This speaks to volumes about his character and hopefully they can boost the online programs offered in the state. Mark will be starring in the comedy Ted which will be out June 29th.

One thought on “Mark Wahlberg To Get Diploma

  1. Congrats to Mark Wahlberg for finally putting in the time and effort and getting his HS Diploma.


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