Amanda Seyfried Will Meet Ted

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

I have some good news and bad news depending on your own preferences. The good news has been known for quite some time and that is that we are getting a sequel to the movie Ted. You know that comedy starring Mark Wahlberg as the man that is too old to still be hanging out with his foul-mouthed teddy bear. The bad news is that Mila Kunis is no longer the female lead. The female lead in the sequel is Mean Girls’ alum, Amanda Seyfried. It is not to say that Amanda somehow ends up as the lady in John Bennett’s life. So far what we know is that Seth MacFarlane made this announcement but we yet know what her storyline in the movie will be. The first Ted movie grossed well over $500 million worldwide. I’d personally would have liked to see Mila back as the lead female role with Amanda also having a quite a big part in the film. Could we see Amanda playing a love interest for Ted, John Bennett, or perhaps for both characters? Ted 2 will hit theaters in the summer of 2015.

Mark Wahlberg To Get Diploma

Mark during filming of “Pain and Gain” also starring Dwayne Johnson

It may be hard to believe that Mark Wahlberg has not ever received a high school diploma with the success he has had as an actor and producer of hit t.v series. If you know about Mark’s past growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts then you are familiar with the trouble that he ran into.

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