Interview with Lulu Antariksa

You know her as Stevie from Nickelodeon’s hit series How To Rock. Enjoy Blended Entertainment’s interview w/ the lovely Lulu Antariksa

I think I speak for everyone out there when I ask what truly is your nationality? There has been many different answers floating around the web and we just want to be set straight by the one person who holds the answer to this debated question.
I am a 50/50 mix of Indonesian and German. My Dad is from Jakarta, and both of my mother’s parents are German.

A 90’s fave of mine is being revived and you were a part of it. How was the experience of being on the revival of Figure It ?
Figure It Out was one of the most incredible, silliest, and fun moments of my life. What little kid hasn’t dreamt of being slimed? Nickelodeon is such an incredible network to be a part of because they have these wonderful game shows where actors from different casts can see what it’s like to work with one another. I had the honor of working with Victoria Justice, Drake Bell, Carlos Knight, and other fantastic actors from different Nickelodeon shows and there wasn’t one person that isn’t my friend to this day. Nick really promotes family oriented shows, friendships, and fun and it was such a blessing to be apart of Figure It Out.

Who are you closest to on set and why?
I have such different relationship with everybody on the show so it’s so hard to say who I am the closest with! For example; I call Chris my little brother (even though he’s more than a year older than me) but Max and I can basically finish each other’s sentences! We all have different relationships and I couldn’t feel more thankful for that.

Your motto is “Stay Classy” but a very popular motto these days is “Yolo”(You Only Live Once). Has “Yolo” been as popular with some of your friends and cast members as it seems to be everywhere else?
YOLO is huge with my friends who are in college, and occasionally a couple of YOLO’s will be dropped on set, but personally I prefer ‘Carpe Diem’ much more than the former. Though people will occasionally look at my funny when I say it, I just say ‘Hey, honey badger don’t care.’

What has been your favorite movie so far this year(or ever) and are you looking forward to any other movies coming out this year?
I‘m a big Lord of the Rings fan so I’m super stoked for the Hobbit. So many incredible movies have come out this year like Prometheus, Hunger Games, and the Avengers (which rocked my superhero loving socks off) but what surprised me the most was Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth did such an incredible job and I’m a huge Sam Claflin fan, so I genuinely enjoyed it.

What has been your favorite moment on set?
Every moment.

But if you insist I narrow it down, I think I would have to say during a certain band rehearsal that Chris, Noah, Max and I had. We had a whole marching band behind us for this episode and we were on a break so Noah started playing a song on the piano and some of the guys who had trumpets and saxophones started playing along and Chris held out his had for me to dance, so we started swing dancing. Then Max started to dance as well and it turned into a swing dance party with all these people, then Max spun me into the drum set and I fell over and the marching band started laughing so I started laughing and it was just a really fun, spontaneous moment.

So I hear that there is an hour long episode of How To Rock that wrapped up recently. I know you can’t give much out about the episode but what can we expect from it?
Wow, you can expect some messy, messy comedy, some incredible guest stars, 3 amazing performance scenes, a couple of weird disguises, and a really touching moment between the members of Gravity 5. Cymphonique and I started crying during the filming of this scene, so I hope you all love it. I know we loved filming it!

If you weren’t apart of How To Rock, what other series could see you see yourself acting in?
I never really saw myself as a comedic actor before How to Rock and so I always had been drawn towards more dramatic shows like Law & Order: SVU, and Touch. But I also have a soft spot for musicals so the show I would absolutely love to be on is Smash.

Favorite food?
I love all food. Food is…. everything. I really enjoy Thai food and baked goods, but I love all food.

Favorite place to shop?
I love shopping at vintage stores and in my brother’s and guy friend’s closets. I always want to make sure I look classy, but I don’t care for dressing like every other girl on the street.

You’re good at so many things. you have so many skills, is there anything out there that is not really your specialty?
There are a bunch of things I’m not good at. But my mind set is, you have to live your life trying your best with no fear. If you saw my episode of Figure It Out with Lucas Cruikshank, Jake Weary, and Cymphonique, you saw that we had to blow on frogs for jumping contests. I stunk at that! But I said ‘NO FEAR’ rolled up my sleeve and pulled that poor little frog out of the disgusting bucket of water, got on my knees, and blew on it’s back. And I still stunk. But that was okay by me, because I tried my hardest.

Fan Questions!

What motivates you to be in character for Stevie? -@EmilyTxo
Stevie’s a lot like me in a lot of ways. She’s like an old friend to me now, a sister. She’s spunk, confident, crass, and fiercely protective. She’s almost naturally a part of me, I just have to tell her, ‘Hey, Steves, it’s time to shoot’ and she’s just there.

Favorite Memory? -@ZevieObsessed
With the cast? On set; see above answer.
Not on set; Chris, Max, a few other friends and I all went to Magic Mountain not too long ago, and I think it’s the most fun I’ve had a Magic Mountain. It was just a great group of people and such a fun day.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? -ButterflyMagic9
I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji and I think it would be such a fun experience to be able to experience a place like that.

Who would you like to see Stevie in a relationship with? -@IcanBeMe
Stevie’s a lone wolf. She walks alone. She (like any other girl) has a few crushes but I feel is Stevie really falls for one, it going to be one of those instances where everybody knows she has feelings for someone except her.

If you had the chance to be 1 day in another period, what would it be and why? -@LuluAFanGer
Probably the 1950’s or 60’s because I just love the clothing, music, and manners that went along with the milkshakes, poodle skirts, and ragtop cars that are the 1950-60’s.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? -@lantariksanet
I like to travel a lot. Going into the desert for a bonfire/ dance party or finding a new record store or traveling outside the country… I just like to have adventures.

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