Interview w/ Roy Jones Jr.

I had the honor of interviewing one of the greatest boxing talents of all-time

Congratulations on your recent victory over Max Alexander. How long does it normally take you to heal up after a fight?


At this stage of your career, can you see yourself moving down a weight class or two?

No, only of great opportunity and budget is superb.

Outside of boxing you have been involved in tv, music, and film. Will we see you continue any of these ventures?

Would love to

How do you feel about the state of boxing?

It’s in horrible distress

When people ask why is Roy Jones Jr still boxing, what do you say to those critics?

Because I have one title that has eluded me an I want to try and get that title before I retire. 

There was a rumored potential battle between you and Bobby Gunn, that fell through as Gunn is scheduled to fight James Toney. Who do you want to fight next?

I can care less. I don’t pick names, I like to fight for the fans and I would chose any cruiser weight champ

Who is a boxer today that possesses some of the qualities that made you such a great fighter?

Andre Ward

If you had the opportunity to fight anyone past or present in any weight class, who would you choose?

Sugar Ray Robinson

Why should inner city kids start choose to box rather than play basketball and football?

Boxing is more closely related to life than any other sport. Wouldn’t say they should chose over basketball or football, but I don’t see anything wrong with trying. With boxing it teaches you in life if you get knocked down, you need to get back up

Everyone knows who you are as a boxer, but Who is Roy Jones Jr the man?

A philosophical guy that is very passionate and considerate about his actions. 

Thanks for your time. Any last comments for your fans, supporters, naysayers?

Fans: Thanks for the support you have given me throughout the years.

Supporters: thanks for being behind me, you give me the push to get up and go when days I don’t feel it.

 Naysayers: I’m sorry you feel the way you do. The ones that are concerned, thanks for your concern. The ones that are just a naysayer go do something positive in your life, so that someone can be a naysayer about you. 

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