Mayweather v Ortiz

His last fight was in May of last year. He only does things on his own terms and sometimes he takes too long of a break. I am talking about Floyd Mayweather, who announced his return to the boxing ring to his fans on Twitter earlier today. The fight will be against Victor Ortiz and is scheduled for September 17th. Victor was last seen in April where he defeated Andre Berto. Many are hoping that this fight preludes to a face off with Manny Pacquaio next year. Actually, Victor was one of the opponents that I felt Floyd needed to fight this year, despite the backlash against him for not fighting Pacquaio thus far. I for one am happy that Floyd is getting back in the ring. You can check out that post here


One thought on “Mayweather v Ortiz

  1. Hasn’t Mayweather got to sort out his legal issues with the Feds first before he can even think about scheduling his next fight ? Unless it’s to physically abuse the mother of his children once again and threaten members of her immediately family . Mayweather is a disgrace, a discredit to his family and the sport of boxing in spite of his undoubted talents .

    tophatal …


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