Interview w/ J.Dash

J. Dash is a piano prodigy who performed his first concert at age 5. By the time he was 8 years old, this classically trained pianist loved to play Mozart for his family and friends. Throughout his teens, however, he cut his teeth playing in various blues and jazz bands. A rapper, songwriter, producer, mixer, & multi-instrumentalist, this Renaissance man also holds a degree in computer science from the University of Florida.

 How did you get the name J-Dash?

The name was given to me by another producer/artist because when I was 14, before I knew anything about music, he brought me into his studio as a fly on the wall. He left for a minute and I asked if I could play around with the equipment, then ended up making four beats in a ridiculously short time so he started calling me J. Dash.

When did you start getting into music?

I was always into it but around 14 I realized I could do it as a profession.

As you were growing up, were there any artists/albums that inspired you?

Absolutely. Definitely Dr. John, BB King, Eric Clapton, Timbaland, 2Pac, Mos Def, Talib Kweli. That would probably be the core of my early inspiration.

The name of your album is somewhat of a contradiction which is interesting. People normally do not find the truth in tabloids. What gravitated you to picking “Tabloid Truth” as the name of your album?

I was actually reading a tabloid when I came up with the name. The concept came from how you can get drawn into tabloids just by the cover, the surface. In the same way, my first single WOP was a dance record but didn’t have as much depth and I wanted to make sure that people knew there was more to me. We have hot stuff in here that will attract you but there’s also some meat, not just the dessert.

Your album is a collection of different styles both lyrically and musically. What is the concept of your album?

A journey through life in musical form.

What is your favorite song on your album?

The title track because it’s the realist track I’ve ever written. “Life” because it’s the most artistic track I’ve ever done and “WOP” because that song changed my life.

Your single “WOP” has garnered millions of hits on youtube and this is not even including your how to video for the dance which also has millions of views. How did the song and dance come together?

Actually the WOP was a dance before it was a song or the thought of even being a song. My friends and I used to do it in the club and after a while my friend told me I had to make a song that went with the dance. Next thing I knew we had a hit!

How did you feel about getting those views and all of the videos that followed with people doing different versions of the dance?

The video responses actually preceded my official music video. The original video was my dancers and that’s what started up the responses. The viral nature of the song/dance is what really propelled it so it feels great that people really caught on to the true, fun concept of the dance! 

Something we do not hear often from artists who dabble in hip hop is education yet you went to college. Can you talk a little about what college in regard to your major and what it has done for you as a person and artist?

Honestly college, if nothing else, gave me time to mature. My degree is in computer science and people wonder how that helps me but I was in an engineering school where you learn how stuff works so I developed a passion for how things work. When I first entered the music business I wanted to know how EVERYTHING worked and that’s how I approach everything these days. In college I learned how to learn and developed myself. It was so easy to grow and learn, so I doubt I’d be the artist I am today had I not gone to school.

I know your album just recently dropped this year, but what do you hope is next for you?

More success! My success thus far just motivates me to reach a higher and higher level. I want more people to hear my music and I’m excited about visiting new and different places. I’m always striving to do something better and bigger.

Are there any artists out there today that you’d hope to collab with in the future?

Absolutely. To name a few: Cee-Lo Green, Timbaland , Lil Wayne, Dr. John. BB King…I’m sure there are countless more!

I want to thank you for your time, is there anything you want to shout out to your fans, supporters, and the readers who will be introduced to you through this interview?

Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all at therealjdash to get a more in depth view of who I am and I’m looking forward to meeting you all. 


J.Dash’s Official Website

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