NBA Players and Owners Reach Agreement

We have some good news here to report at Blended Entertainment. As of right now, the NBA is back! After a marathon night of negotiations tallying over 15 hours ending late last night, the two sides reached a verbal tentative agreement to end the lockout and start the season by Christmas Day. For the season to officially begin, a handful of players must end their pending lawsuits against the NBA, go through some other litigation procedures, and reform a new player’s union. If all of this goes through, the players and owners must then ratify the agreement with a majority vote from both sides. Sources including sportswriters, Chris Broussard and David Aldridge have confirmed that the proposed 66 game schedule should not be in jeopardy and that the two sides will vote in favor of the new agreement. Stay tuned to Blended Entertainment for more news regarding this ongoing process.

One thought on “NBA Players and Owners Reach Agreement

  1. This agreement has solved absolutely nothing at all as it merely lets teams carry on as usual . !

    tophatal ….


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