NBA Playoffs 2011 Predictions Pt.2

ABC's NBA Playoffs transitional graphic, used ...

I made my predictions for the first round of the Eastern Conference earlier and now it is time for the Western Conference.

1. San Antonio Spurs


8. Memphis Grizzlies

My Winner- Memphis

This is my shocker pick because in my opinion, Memphis has what it takes to go against the number one team. This series will go seven games. I am high on guys like Tony Allen, Zach Randolph, and OJ Mayo if he gets his act together. Timmy D may just be too old for this series and I just have no faith in the Spurs this year as a number one seed.
4. Oklahoma City Thunder


5. Denver Nuggets

My Winner- OKC

As much as I want to choose Denver for the likes of Lawson, Jr Smith, KMart, and Nene, I will be choosing OKC for those very same reasons. Denver is very sporadic and can prove to be too immature for the series if they do not get off to a quick start. Expect Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to play MVP style basketball in route to knocking the Nuggets out in six. I am being generous.

3. Dallas Mavericks


6. Portland Trailblazers

My Winner- Dallas

Portland will be tough for Dallas in every game and it will show in the box score but Dallas will surprisingly sweep this team.

2. Los Angeles Lakers


7. New Orleans Hornets

My Winner- Los Angeles

 This will be a tough series for the Lakers and may very well be the toughest. Expect the best closer in the game since MJ to go the full seven games to rid of the Hornets. Just a gut feeling.

What do you think about my predictions in my first ever article?

One thought on “NBA Playoffs 2011 Predictions Pt.2

  1. I like them. They’re ambitious, but cut-throat.


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