Interview w/ Lil Niqo

I had the pleasure of interviewing young Hip Hop recording artist, Lil Niqo who indeed has a promising future ahead of him. Blended Entertainment would like to welcome this young prodigy from San Diego to the family.

How old were you when you first started to rap?

7 years old but I started walking around with my Rap Notebook at 4 but I couldn’t write. Mom thought I was crazy!

How does it feel to be so young yet already signed to Def Jam?

It’s like I’m living a dream. I’m the youngest artist on this legendary label, sometimes I still can’t believe it.

Who are some of your influences or favorite Hip Hop artists?

A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z & Drake

Can you describe your style of rap?

Just straight up clean Hip-Hop

What is the best part about being a young hip hop artist?

I get to give us kids something hott but also positive. I got the chance to make a difference and I’m gonna do just that. #BOW

What do you like to do for fun when you are not performing?

I luv recording, skateboarding, riding my dirt bike and playing video games.

What are some of your dreams for your future?

To win a Grammy, have my own tv show and launch a few products, can’t speak on it right now but my dreams are limitless. I’d also luv to play ball at USC

Are there any artists out there that you would hope like to work with in the future?

Drake, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled again, shouts out to him, he’s my big bruh in da game

Do you have any advice to all the young artists who want to make it big?

Follow your dreams, trust yourself, study and perfect your craft and keep them grades up #Yert

Thanks for your time, any last shoutouts or words to all your fans out there?

Thank you to all my fans for allowing me to live out my dreams. I have the best frans (friends & fans) in the world. #TeamLilNiqo. To my management Niq of Tyme Entertainment, #TeamWorldwideEnt & #TeamBuVision it’s our year!

Check out Lil Niqo’s site here