Catching Fire

The teaser trailer for Catching Fire has recently been released. The sequel to The Hunger Games is expected to do big business come November 23rd of this year. What do you think of the teaser?

Miley and Liam Engaged

It seems like just a week or two ago we were watching Miley as Hannah Montana or maybe that was an episode of Punk’d? Either way, it has been confirmed that the former Disney starlet and Hunger Games’ beau are engaged and have been for about a week. The on again off again couple for three years became engaged on May 31. Miley fans were overwhelmed with joy and excitement of  an engagement when Miley tweeted a picture of a ring on her finger back in March. Miley shot down all rumors that she was engaged at that time. Miley and Liam are both young and are continuing to expand their careers. I send my congratulations to the both of them courtesy of Blended Entertainment.

Who Will Knock the Hunger Games from the Top Spot?

The Hunger Games has been number one at the box office for four weeks straight but it seems likely that will come to an end this week with the premieres of Nicholas Spar’s The Lucky One and Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man. With all of the advertising for Think Like A Man starring Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, and many other known actors, it seems as though this will be the film to knock off The Hunger Games. Even though the former is only appearing in just over 2,000 theaters, the big name of Kevin Hart is sure going to draw people of all nationalities to see the predominantly black cast. Though it will be the end of the The Hunger Games’ run at the number 1 spot, fans should be ecstatic to know that the film has already grossed more than 540 million and counting.