Interview w/ G-Ron

How are you today?

great… Ready to work like always

Who were some of your influences growing up?

growing up I was deep in the death row era. Pac, Dre, snoop.. But Biggie, the lox, Jay Z and DMX where influential too

Who would you say your individual style most resembles?

I have southern slang, with a east coast flow and a mid west style… So I have no idea lmao

Now you are signed under Brian Angel’s label, he raves about you all the time. How did this relationship get started?

I’ve known him before the fame, before MTV. That’s my big brother. So now we riding together with this movement

What projects are you currently working on?

working on my EP death b4 dishonor right now… Looking to drop it mid feb or early march

What inspires you to go to the studio and unleash your artistic creativity?

self motivation… In my eyes failure is not an option so I gotta do what I gotta do to get it done

Are there any current artists that you’d like to work with outside of Houston?

I wanna work wit a lot of ppl but I would say young buck, ti, snoop, Dre, dip set

What will it take for you to tell yourself that you made it in the business?

I need a couple of successful albums and to be respected and known as a good artist

For those who have not heard your music yet or been introduced to you, in your eyes why should they pay attention to G-Ron?

I’m a breath of fresh air in a watered down industry… Ima give the ppl me, 100% of the time my music is refreshing

That was my final question. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans/supporters/followers?

I just wanna thank everyone for the support and love and be on the lookout for me… I’m coming

Thanks for taking the time to chat @TheRealGRON  

no problem, thank u for having me…

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Interview w/ Telee


You were and raised in Houston, how did this affect who you are today?

it just gave me that htown swag. And made it possible for me to deal with hard times. It’s rough growing up in the Houston inner city.

What inspired you to get into music?

some of the greats of the game getto boys, nwa, too short, PAC, big, jay z and love of story telling

Have these greats affected the way you work in the studio? your flow and delivery?

nah not really. Maybe when I first started I wud try to deliver like PAC but eventually I found my own style

When did you release your first album?

the first real release was in 2009 entitled

What was that feeling like releasing “From Here On Out”? How do you feel about that release compared to some of your others?

“From Here On Out” it was a good feeling. It will always be a special cause it’s my first real release

Are you working on any projects currently?

just dropped “My Finest Hour” lp last September so I’m still workin that on right now… But I have been recordin new songs

Tell us a bit about AFE Entertainment

All family entertainment was established in 2009 by me and brother it’s an independent label based out of Houston,TX

What;s the ultimate goal for the label?

to be successful and maybe ink a major distribution deal

Why should people go out there and listen to your music? What would you bring to the table?

my music is real it’s not watered down. I’m diverse, it’s excellent quality lyrics n production, it’s all original

Are there any artists today that you’d like to get into the studio with?

not any in particular but I will collab with anybody making good music

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

hopefully 5 more projects with a few platinum or gold plaques and a few more artist signed

  That was my final question. Is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters/people who have not heard your music yet?

yea just thanx for the support and to look out for all my future projects. all of those who haven’t heard my music yet can check me out at thanx homie

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