Baseball Euphoria

Two moments took place in the sport of baseball this weekend that will both have their placement in baseball history. My Boston Red Sox made a bold move by completely shedding over 260 million in salary cap to the Dodgers. No longer do we have to deal with Josh Beckett’s attitude, Carl Crawford’s lack of durability and performance, and then there is Adrian Gonzalez. It was a gutsy move to ship off Gonzalez who will definitely be missed in Boston, but the culture needs to be changed in order to become a winner again. The cap relief and the prospects the Red Sox got in return are going to be an integral part of the team’s direction for the immediate future. Now if only we could part ways with Bobby Valentine.


Who decides to hit a three run shot in his first at bat? Adrian Gonzalez. Dodger fans are going to love him.


Roger Clemens made a return to baseball at age 50. Yes, that same Roger Clemens who was the subject of trials and tribulations literally all because of steroid allegations. This post though isn’t about his trials, but his return on the mound for the Texas minor league baseball squad, the Sugar Land Skeeters. Roger pitched three innings while striking out two batters. At age 50 he performed above expectations.

One thought on “Baseball Euphoria

  1. Baseball euphoria equals baseball idiocy ! Just ask Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon . Baseball much like the sport of cycling is still a frigging mess . Selig doesn’t possess the know-how or insight to do what is right . He remains a buffoon !

    As to the blockbuster trade , it shows the Red Sox front office to be what they’ve now become …………. a bunch of gutless morons ! They should’ve fired Bobby Valentine but instead they used Gonzalez , Punto , Crawford and Beckett as sacrificial lambs in order to save Bobby Valentine’s dumb @@s .


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