Is Will Smith Back on Top

Will Smith is back on top after an absence of nearly four years but for how long? The third installment of Men In Black released this past weekend and ascended to number one on the box office charts with a total of 69.25 million. Was it enough to beat out The Avengers? Yes it was. Was it enough for Will to reclaim the title as “Mr. Blockbuster”, only time will tell. Will has the ability to produce sequels for past blockbuster franchises such as Bad Boys, I Am Legend, I Robot, and Hancock but for now that it is a waiting game with a lot of speculation. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors and he can sure deliver but can this installment of Men In Black out perform the not so good Men In Black 2? The first film is a classic and helped continue to push Will to the moon. With the production budgets being so high for his films, these movies really need to bring in a ton of money. No matter how much Men In Black 3 makes internationally, it is important to bring in high profits domestically as well. Lets just hope that we’ll see much more of Will Smith in the near future. He is one of the rare attractions as an African American in Hollywood, especially when it comes to the representation of global superstars.

3 thoughts on “Is Will Smith Back on Top

  1. Will Smith’s career has been formulaic and sanitized . Only two roles have roles have stretched him as an actor (Ali & Chris Gardner) , and those were in two dramatic features where he gained Oscar nominations . Film roles “The Pursuit of Happyness “ (Gardner) and Ali .

    He may well be a rare attraction but there are far more talented African American actors than Smith who’ve yet to access the heights he’s reached . Check out the likes of Anthony Mackie in “The Hurt Locker or even Don Cheadle specifically for his role in “Hotel Rwanda .


  2. Smith’s career in Hollywood has been formulaic and he’s not been truly tested as an actor . Two roles stand out in his resume’ those of Ali in the self-titled movie ” Ali ” . And that of Chris Gardner in “The Pursuit of Happyness ” . Other than it’s been mainly staple of popcorn treats and not much else . Unfortunately this is what Hollywood is now becoming known for , rather than originality from the writers , producers the directors and the vast majority of actors , themselves . !


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