New York Jets Land Tim Tebow

All it took was a fourth and sixth rounder for the New York Jets to land Tim Tebow after the Denver Broncos essentially won the lottery when Peyton Manning signed earlier this week. Both the Jets and the Jaguars were in the running for Tebow once an issue in his contracted halted the trade for a few hours. The Tebow craze will now be in the big New York market. This will add an interesting dynamic to the season, and we’ll see how and if Mark Sanchez and the rest of the locker room responds to the phenomenon that surrounds Tim Tebow. I for one will be tuning in to see how Tebow is incorporated into the offense.

2 thoughts on “New York Jets Land Tim Tebow

  1. Does that now mean Cromartie will turn that frown upside down ?


  2. apparently he already did. After being against it, he finally made a pr move and supported Tebow.


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