Interview w/ Short Dawg

Earlier today I had the privilege of doing a Twitterview with the artist, Short Dawg. I may possibly be bringing you guys a ton of Twitterviews over the next week or so. They aren’t as in depth as my typical interviews but check them out on Twitter when you can.

What will Elvis freshley bring to the table that you as an artist have not done already?

I feel like the elvis freshley project is full of bigger mainstream songs.. I expanded my focus from just rapping to makin music

It was rude of me to not start with the fact that your birthday recently passed. Happy BDay!. Did you do anything special?

its all good. Preciate ya! I just kicked it with my homeboys I grew up with. Had fun tho

Great to hear! What inspires you to record a track?

the beat itself

Who has given you the most useful advice in regards to pursuing a music career?

my brother mega and my big homie street lord juan were the main people I’d take advice from because they were successful in life

You’ve released quite a few mixtapes which I encourage everyone to download. Do you have a personal favorite? if so why?

I’d have to say southern flame spitta vol 1 and drankenstein just because of the work I put in and the response they received

You recently put your own touch on “The Motto”, How does it feel to be a young money artist? any pressure?

no pressure just keeps me motivated to work hard

What are you doing when you aren’t recording?

hoopin or watching movies

What do you think of this current miniature feud between Drake and Common?

its unnecessary

If you could work with any artist right now, who would it be?


Cee-lo is a great choice. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

on top of the billboard charts

What new projects are you hoping to work on in the near future?


3 adjectives that best describe you as an artist?

passionate, ambitious and witty

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Adventures of Drankenstein Mixtape

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