Interview w/ Hugo

Hello world. Let me introduce you to Hugo whom I have had the pleasure of setting up this interview with. He is an artist from Thailand who is signed to Roc Nation which of course was founded by hip hop mogul Jay-z.

How did you end up writing a song for Beyonce’s successful “I am… Sasha Fierce” album?
My writing partner and mentor, amanda ghost, played beyonce songs from an album of mine that never saw the light of day, ms Knowles picked a song she liked called disappear and sung it.

What was the process and conversation like when you were getting a record deal with Roc Nation?
Exciting and confusing.

Who would you say were some of your musical influences?
The doors, Leonard Cohen, Neil young, howlin wolf, Robert Johnson, creedence Clearwater revival, free, Bob Dylan, Donovan, nirvana, carabao, 213, Dr Dre…and many more I’m sure.

How is the music scene different between Thailand and the United States of America?
Very different, in terms of Market size and language. Similar as far as intent goes though.

How would you categorize your artistic style?
I wont. I’ll leave that to you.

What are your greatest attributes as an artist?
Patience and sympathy.

Your album, “Old Tyme Religion” came out back in 2011. What does the title of the album mean, and what did it mean to release your first album a part of Roc Nation?
The title is from one of the tracks on the record that really crystallised the sound and feel of the record. It also goes some way to addressing the way I feel about American roots music, that is an almost religious respect and interest in it.

*Your cover and rendition of Jay Z’s “99 Problems” was featured in a couple of films last year as well, what gave you the inspiration of doing that particular track?*
Mainly gratitude for being signed and a real love of the original from the black album which seemed to be a new kind of rocknroll to my ears.

What projects are you currently working on?
Cutting live footage from some shows out here in Thailand and writing songs for the next record.

Thanks for your time. Any last comments for your fans, and Blended Entertainment readers?
Be strange or act normal.

Check Hugo’s official website for his latest music and news.

Hugo’s cover of “99 Problems” was featured in the movies, No Strings Attached and Fright Night