Seth Meyers Kicks Off Late Night Duties



SNL alum Seth Meyers officially started his run as host of “Late Night”. He started out with a monologue that sounded a bit like he was still sitting at a desk doing the Weekend Update over at SNL. His guests were former cast-mate of his and his friend, Amy Poehler. He was also joined by Joe Biden. Although Seth got off to a shaky start, the banter between those three was great for tv. Many wondered why Amy wasn’t the host of “Late Night” as she was funny, energetic, and settled the nerves of Seth. Seth is also joined by former SNL cast-mate, Fred Armisen as the leader of the Late Night band. The show did pretty well in ratings for its’ premiere as brought in 3.4 million viewers. The show as Seth put it is “a work in progress”. I for one will continue to tune in to see Seth’s interactions with not only his guests, but his audience as well. I do hope that we get to see some unique interactions between guests as we did with Amy Poehler and Joe Biden.

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