Reality Tv Winners Crowned

This week saw two very popular shows albeit the recent ratings will say differently crown winners. The Dancing With The Stars trophy went to NFL Wide Receiver, Donald Driver. At the very beginning I had picked Roshon Fegan (Disney’s Shake It Up) to win the mirror ball trophy but he didn’t even make it to the finals. The NFL has a good history with the Dancing With The Stars program with previous winners Emmitt Smith and more recently Hines Ward. You never know, we may see a Tim Tebow in the future depending on whether or not his popularity rises or falls in New York. Opera Singer, Katherine Jenkins and Cuban actor, William Levy came in second and third respectively which will only help boost their public images.

American Idol saw their finale despite it being the lowest rated one in history. Fox was happy to know that it dominated the social media platform despite the t.v. ratings. In the end it was Phillip Phillips who was declared the winner in an Idol season that I thought was ultimately going to end up with Jessica Sanchez celebrating a victory at the end. I was wrong with both predictions but this is part of the unpredictability of reality television or perhaps the predictability of a popularity contest.

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