Artist Spotlight -“Sahyba”

As you know here at Blended Entertainment, I want to serve as a platform for anyone who is passionate and committed to entertaining. So today I want to take some time and spotlight a young artist on the rise:

Sahyba born and raised in Los Angeles, California is of Indian decent. She comes from a family of talented musicians, starting with her grandfather, father and brother. By the age of 5, Sahyba knew she was destined to sing and dance, she would often be asked to sing at weddings, charity events and cultural festivals. Sahyba continued to sing traditional Bollywood music while playing the Indian instrument the Harmonium. Her passion for music soared and she followed her heart and soon began singing to thebeats and rhythms of POP and R&B.

Sahyba stands out, with her uniqueness of talents, diversity and enrichment of languages, speaking and singing in four different languages – Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and English. Sahyba’s brother Prince Saheb, a music producer, being proud of his sisters beautiful voice and talent introduced her to friend George Lemore and Ray J (singer, songwriter, record producer and actor) of Vh1’s hit show, “For The Love Of Ray J”, known for dynamic single “Wait A Minute,” and single double platinum, “Sexy

Can I” and founder of Knockout Entertainment. Sahyba sang a tune for him and he was instantly captivated and amazed with the energy of her voice. From that moment on he was convinced she is young super star ready to blossom. From that moment on, doors opened for Sahyba leading her into the hands of Ray J’s independent record label

“Knockout Entertainment”.

Show some love to this young artist. She definitely has a great voice. When listening to her music I had no idea that she was only 15 years of age. She actually just celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday so go show her some birthday love and do not forget to listen to her record, “Marco Polo” which you can find immediately below.

Sahyba’s Official Website




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