Beyonce’s Naysayers


Queen B

Fresh off her performance from the Billboard Music Awards, Beyonce is receiving some negative press from some. There is always that minority group that will have a problem with everything that certain entertainers do. There are those who are criticizing Beyonce for in their words, “ripping off” another artist’s performance from last year. The artist is Lorella Cuccarini. When Beyonce was asked about it, she immediately said her inspiration was the performance by Lorella. All I have to say is that this is what artist out there do. They may be inspired by something and then recreate the idea and make it their own. This happens in all aspects of entertainment whether it has to do with music performances, music videos, film, and many more. I will let you all take a look at the performances just so you could make comparisons but there are many who blow these things out of proportion. Beyonce had a killer performance at the BMAs.

One thought on “Beyonce’s Naysayers

  1. Over exposure is going to kill Beyonce’s career as talented as she is ! She needs to take a leaf out of Sade’s book as of now…….. take some time away and come up with something fresh and vibrant !

    tophatal …………


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